Drawn cup needle rollerˇ­
Radial needle roller anˇ­
Needle roller bearings
Aligning needle roller ˇ­
Inner ˇ˘needle rollerˇ˘ˇ­
Combined needle roller ˇ­
Cylindrical roller bearˇ­
ˇ¤Cylindrical roller ˇ­
ˇ¤Full complements ofˇ­
Thrust needle roller orˇ­
Cam Follower Bearing
Needle roller axial cylˇ­
Spherical plain bearingˇ­
Automobile bearings
Cylindrical roller bearings with cage assemblies

Structural drawings


Shaft Diameter

A ring inside and outside

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N Outer Ring Walks
NU Inner Ring Walks
NJ One-way location


Inner Ring belt positioning Central

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NUP Location


No Inner Ring

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No outer ring

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